Foundation awards $144,900 in scholarships to high school graduates - June 24 2014

OSHKOSH, WI -- The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation has awarded 128 scholarships totaling $144,900 to graduating high school seniors.

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  • The scholarship awards were presented to students during individual school ceremonies in May and June. A grand total of $284,420 was awarded to students, including the scholarships listed here in addition to awards from the Ripon Education Foundation ($14,400), Omro Area Scholarship and Education Foundation ($41,870), Neenah Joint School District ($70,000) and Winneconne Area Education Foundation ($12,250).

    The Foundation administers more than 150 scholarship funds, and monitors the progress of more than 300 multiyear scholarship recipients each year. The following scholarships were presented to graduating seniors for the 2013-2014 academic year.

    Appleton North High School
    Jonah Vandenberg, $1,000, Fox River Valley Contractors Association Scholarship

    Clintonville High School
    Lynnea Johnson, $500, Sam Holmes Family Scholarship

    Green Lake High School
    Zackary Moldenhauer, $500, Dr. Allen E. Greer Memorial Mentoring Scholarship

    Emily Pinter, $2,000, Green Lake Alumni Scholarship

    Lourdes Academy
    Emily Bradley, $1,500, Edward J. Dempsey Memorial Scholarship

    Arielle Eiler, $1,000, Carl and Ruth Steiger Christian Leadership Scholarship

    Anthony Holland, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Abigail Moore, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Madeline Reed, $2,000, Sam Barnard Memorial Scholarship

    Steve Sobojinski, $2,000 William M. Bray Scholarship

    Neenah High School
    Caroline Boris, $1,500, Larsen/Winchester Lions Club Scholarship

    Jenna Butts, $1,000, Elizabeth Rasmussen Scholarship

    Kirstin Franklin, $1,000, Mary E. Forbes Scholarship

    Kirstin Franklin, $500, Judith Gruszynske Memorial Scholarship

    Thomas Hameister, $1,000, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dalton #2 Scholarship

    Alisiah Hug, $1,000, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dalton #1 Scholarship

    Nicholas Malcore, $500, Richard A. Meyer Memorial Scholarship

    Alexandra Vandenberg, $1,000, Marie Lehnigk Scholarship

    Claire Viellieux, $1,000, Elizabeth Rasmussen Scholarship

    Omro High School
    Cassandra Bogardt, $500, Winnebago County Farm Progress Days Scholarship

    Moira Kilgas, $1,000, Elizabeth Rasmussen Scholarship

    Ashley Sterr, $1,000, Joseph Mertle Scholarship

    Oshkosh North High School
    Kiaya Adams, $1,000, Lester Ihrig Memorial Scholarship

    Alisha Basel-Anderson, $750, Jeanette Hebblewhite Scholarship

    Noah Bossert, $1,000, Fred Leist Scholarship

    Oscar Ceniceros, $500, Kaprelian Baseball Scholarship

    Philip DeGoey, $1,500, Bertha M. Jones Scholarship

    Madeline Dumke, $500, Catherine (Kitty) Wojahn Memorial Scholarship

    Mark Faust, $1,000, Oshkosh Noon Optimist Scholarship

    Helen Gajewski, $1,000, Dave and Connie Paulick Scholarship

    Sydney Gauthier, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Turner Geisthardt, $300, Harold Schumerth Scholarship

    Jon Gibson, $1,000, Lester Ihrig Memorial Scholarship

    Isis Harmon, $1,500, Barr-Chalberg Scholarship

    Riley Huffman, $500, Pepsi Scholarship

    Dong Hoon Im, $1,000, Scholarship for Engineering

    Austin Jansen, $500, Oscar and Gertrude Hardy Scholarship

    Mercedes Kandler, $500, Lorraine Spanbauer Memorial Scholarship

    Matthew Luft, $500, Brandon J. Backus Memorial Scholarship

    Nathan Neveau, $2,000, Sam Barnard Memorial Scholarship

    Brianna Nigl, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Brianna Nigl, $1,000, Barr-Chalberg Scholarship

    Madison Penning, $1,000, Oshkosh North Class of '84 Scholarship

    Robert Phillips, $1,000, Sergeant Andrew Wallace Scholarship

    Robert Phillips, $500, E.J. Schneider Scholarship

    Kelsey Phillips, $300, Maggie Radford Nordquist Choral Scholarship

    Creed Protheroe, $1,500, Bertha M. Jones Scholarship

    Creed Protheroe, $500, Debra Hildebrandt Scholarship

    Luke Rothenbach, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Brett Schallhorn, $500, Founders Scholarship

    Erin Schissel, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Ashley Schoen, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Ashley Schoen, $500, Dr. Stanley J. Graiewski Memorial Scholarship

    Megan Sohr, $1,000, Lester Ihrig Memorial Scholarship

    Peter Willadsen, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Zachary Zangl, $250, Donald and Audrey Gutzman Scholarship

    Oshkosh West High School
    Matthew Beecher, $150, Maggie Radford Nordquist Choral Scholarship

    Nathan Condon, $1,500, Bertha M. Jones Scholarship

    Megan Deiermeier, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Jessica Eiden, $1,000, Barbara Habstritt Scholarship

    Michelle Graf, $1,000, Adam D. Gundlach High School Scholarship

    Stephanie Graf, $1,500, Bertha M. Jones Scholarship

    Sam Kieckhafer, $500, Brandon J. Backus Memorial Scholarship

    Meggie Krautsch, $1,000, Lester Ihrig Memorial Scholarship

    Lauren Lahr, $500, Founders Scholarship

    Brian McKnight, $500, Father Martin Carr Scholarship

    Alison Panske, $250, Dr. Stanley J. Graiewski Memorial Scholarship

    Rebecca Procknow, $1,000, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dalton #1 Scholarship

    Alyssa Reilly, $1,000, Stadmueller-Kilp Family Scholarship

    Tim Schumann, $300, Harold Schumerth Scholarship

    Karley Schwalbe, $250, Donald and Audrey Gutzman Scholarship

    Taylor Skroski, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Taylor Skroski, $300, Chuck Grable Scholarship

    Eli Stanek, $1,000, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Dalton #1 Scholarship

    Clarissa Stiller, $850, Anona Frankenstein Scholarship

    Marissa Sugrue, $1,000, Marvin and Mary Steckbauer Thompson Scholarship

    Daphne Thompson, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Kathryn Truell, $1,000, Mary E. Forbes Scholarship

    Katie Vilis, $250, Dr. Stanley J. Graiewski Memorial Scholarship

    Maggie Voss, $150, Maggie Radford Nordquist Choral Scholarship

    Haley Wald, $1,000, Lester Ihrig Memorial Scholarship

    Zachary Walker, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Zachary Walker, $300, Chuck Grable Scholarship

    Rachel Wesenberg, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Megan Wolff, $1,000, Mary E. Forbes Scholarship

    Austin Wooldridge, $2,000, William M. Bray Scholarship

    Trevor Yokom, $1,000, Ripple Effect Scholarship

    Ripon High School
    Jennifer Oppor, $1,000, Sam Holmes Family Scholarship

    Sarah Salas, $1,000, Sam Holmes Family Scholarship

    Samantha Siewert, $500, Shannon and Shelly Memorial Scholarship

    Tanner Voeltner, $1,000, Sergeant Andrew Wallace Scholarship

    Valley Christian High School
    Elizabeth Cooley, $1,000, Mary E. Forbes Scholarship

    Phoebe Giffey-Brohaugh, $500, Robert E. Stenerson Scholarship

    Wautoma High School
    Christopher Kern, $1,000, Little Pine Creek Farm Scholarship

    Wild Rose High School
    Bailey Rockwood, $500, Kevin McCoy Memorial Scholarship

    Winneconne High School
    Kristin McAdow, $500, Ed Lemke Scholarship

    Elizabeth Pettit, $1,000, Marie Lehnigk Scholarship

    Colten Sprenger, $1,000, Hans and Otty Edel Scholarship

    Oshkosh Corporation Foundation Scholarships
    Students with a parent employed by Oshkosh Corp., Pierce Manufacturing, McNeilus Cos. or JLG Industries are eligible for scholarships from the Oshkosh Corporation Foundation Inc. This means that many students outside of the state of Wisconsin are eligible. Scholarship recipients are awarded $1,500, renewable for up to four years. The following students received scholarships:

    Andrea Adams, Appleton North High School (Wis.)

    Stephanie Arias, Riverview High School (Sarasota, Fla.)

    Cassandra Borgardt, Omro High School (Wis.)

    Abigail Bosin, Fox Valley Lutheran High School (Wis.)

    Noah Bossert, Oshkosh North High School (Wis.)

    Casey Bartholomew, St. Maria Goretti High School (Hagerstown, Md.)

    Jonathan Chaires, Lakewood Ranch High School (Bradenton, Fla.)

    Kirstin Clark, Lakewood Ranch High School (Bradenton, Fla.)

    Marissa DeCleene, Wrightstown High School (Wis.)

    Jaclyn Dedering, Kaukauna High School (Wis.)

    Kelly Emmrich, Omro High School (Wis.)

    Courtney Enderby, Green Bay Preble High School (Wis.)

    Kiya Govek, Appleton North High School (Wis.)

    Rebecca Knurr, Oshkosh North High School (Wis.)

    Angela Koppa, Lourdes High School (Wis.)

    Holly Krueger, Arlington High School (Arlington, Neb.)

    Molly Loughrin, Little Wolf Senior High School (Wis.)

    Kimberly Macijeski, Wild Rose High School (Wis.)

    Sandra Martin, Freedom High School (Wis.)

    Monica Ouano, Gulf High School (New Port Richey, Fla.)

    Rebecca Procknow, Oshkosh West High School (Wis.)

    Phillip Proft, Hortonville High School (Wis.)

    Alexander Prucha, Kewanee High School (Wis.)

    Tessa Roidt, Montello High School (Wis.)

    Michael Roycraft, Winneconne High School (Wis.)

    Amanda Schneider, Horace Mann High School (Wis.)

    Alexander Schultze, Cedarburg High School (Wis.)

    Christy Utech, Triton High School (West Concord, Minn.)

    Matthew Wellach, St Francis Xavier High School (Wis.)

    Nicole Winkler, Kimberly High School (Wis.)

    For more information about applying for a scholarship or starting a scholarship fund, go to OshkoshAreaCF.org/Scholarships.cfm, or call us at 920-426-3993.

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