Income for you and a gift for charity - May 27 2010

Many people would like to make a lasting gift to charity. But they enjoy the security that comes with a steady income.

With a Charitable Gift Annuity from the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, you get the best of both worlds. You receive a fixed annual income for you or a beneficiary. Then after your lifetime, the remaining annuity funds support your favorite charitable causes or organizations, forever.

Start a Charitable Gift Annuity by contributing cash or stock to the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. We will establish a Charitable Gift Annuity in your name, which makes you eligible for a charitable income tax deduction.

As an added bonus, a Charitable Gift Annuity may also help reduce your estate taxes. Your heirs will love that.

What causes are close to your heart? Whether it's the arts, education, elderly, environment, basic needs, scholarships, women's issues or youth, we can help you support your favorite charitable causes with a gift that will live on forever.

Don and Marcia Wolter of Oshkosh established a Charitable Gift Annuity to support Evergreen Retirement Community and Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh. They said of their gift:

"We support the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation because we know that our charitable gifts will make a difference in the place we call home."

With a Charitable Gift Annuity you will receive:

  • Fixed annual income for you and/or a beneficiary
  • Annuity payments, including a portion that is considered tax-free income (based on age and life expectancy)
  • A charitable deduction in the tax year of your gift
  • Satisfaction that your gift will forever support your favorite charitable causes
Charitable Gift Annuity rates change over time. We can provide a free annuity calculation, estimating the income you would receive each year. Consult your financial planner or contact Eileen at (920) 426-3993 for more information.

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