Don't forget: Oshkosh Civility Project breakfast Feb. 24 - February 15 2011

OSHKOSH, WI - The Oshkosh Community Foundation and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce will sponsor an open community breakfast session featuring nationally-recognized civility authority and author P.M. Forni, Ph.D.

Several Oshkosh leaders have launched an effort to improve communication by reminding the community of the basic principles of respect that should guide interaction with each other. Forni directs the Civility Institute at Johns Hopkins University. He lectures and writes extensively on the civility-ethics-quality of life connection.

He has been used as an expert resource in The New York Times and Washington Post and has appeared on "Oprah." His book, "Choosing Civility," has inspired communities, organizations and corporations around the country to rally around civility.

What: Oshkosh Civility Project Breakfast
When: 7:30-9 a.m. Thursday Feb. 24, 2011
Where: Oshkosh Convention Center, 2 N. Main St., Oshkosh
Cost: Free
No registration.
Send questions about the Oshkosh Civility Project to oshkoshcivilityproject@gmail.com

Meet the Author event: The Oshkosh Public Library will host a "Meet The Author" event with Forni followed by "Be a Good Sport: Civility On and Off the Field, a Panel Discussion a Sportsmanship Forum" discussion at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday Feb. 24, 2011. The library forum will feature a conversation connecting civility with sportsmanship. The panelists include sports writers, coaches and directors from area media, school district and recreational athletic programs. The forum is open to the public. You can learn more at www.oshkoshpubliclibrary.org.

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