President’s Message: The gift of hope to our community

Our donors have invested wisely in the future of our communities.

Since 1928, the Foundation has helped turn their charitable investments into projects that add energy and vitality to our community with more than $80 million in grants.

Our work in the community is often a co-investment — the Foundation leverages its unrestricted dollars with other donor dollars to make a bigger impact.

Unrestricted dollars are those given without limitations, so the Foundation can use investment income to support our communities’ most pressing needs.

This type of charitable gift is like working with clay, flexible, adaptable to whatever the situation may be, and it’s so vitally important to our work.

Unrestricted money unlocks potential and helps our community weather crises without losing momentum.

Consider initiatives like the Winnebago County Heroin Task Force and Weight of the Fox Valley, projects like the Oshkosh Police Command and Community Outreach Vehicle, the Tri-County Community Mobile Dental Clinic, the revitalized downtown hotel and convention center and downtown storefront facades, and support for capital campaigns by Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services and the Paine Art Center and Gardens.

Thanks to donors like you, the Foundation could help make those initiatives and projects a reality.

And our work is not nearly done.

There’s so much more that we can and should do together, and our community’s needs are constant.

By making a gift or bequest that is unrestricted, you can create a legacy that will grow and change as the community does.

“When a community foundation provides help, it also provides hope. The gift of hope is as valuable as the gift of life itself.”

This was eloquently said by former U.S. Ambassador James Joseph to an audience of community foundation leaders from around the world this fall.

It rings so true.

Together, we can give the gift of hope to our community.

Consider your charitable passions, then give us a call to help accomplish your goals.

Diane Abraham

President and CEO

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