Letter to donors

Dear Friends,

The power of philanthropy in our communities is strong. Donors are more engaged than ever before and are investing in our futures in amazing ways. (Read More)

  Philanthropy is personal, results driven for Gorhams

"There are some things that money can't buy. Seeing how happy and productive a person's life can be when they are in recovery is one of those things." - Charlie Gorham, philanthropist (Read More)

  Winnebago County Heroin Task Force develops

In 2012, Coroner Barry Busby was alarmed at the sudden spike in overdose deaths due to heroin use. With an average of 15 drug related deaths in the county, 27 people died from heroin alone that year. (Read More)

  Oshkosh Public Library, Foundation to steward private funds for public good

"The library and the Foundation are widely trusted institutions in this community. We think that our partnership strengthens both organizations and will be powerful in ways we cannot yet predict." (Read More)

  Foundation works to strengthen nonprofits

The Foundation works with more than 80 nonprofits to grow endowment funds that build sustainable support for their missions, forever. (Read More)

  Take 5 Club makes a big impact with the small gifts of many

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou, poet, author, activist (Read More)

  Schroeder plans for the future of Take 5 Club

When Vicky Schroeder started the Take 5 Club, she knew that helping children feel good about themselves with clean clothes that fit was something she wanted to do forever. (Read More)

  Attorneys provide unseen, but vital support to nonprofits

"It's not always visible work of a nonprofit but it's very important." - Sue Panek, executive director, Oshkosh Area United Way (Read More)

  Transfer of Wealth shows there's support for the future

In 2014, the Foundation released the Transfer of Wealth in Winnebago County, a report that seeks to help people look to the future and support their communities in meaningful ways. (Read More)

  ADVOCAP’s Work-N-Wheels program gives people more than a lift in life

"I love that I could be the one that could move my own feet and get this vehicle. It makes me feel like a productive member of society because for so long, I didn't feel that way." - Serah Muinde, car owner through the ADVOCAP Work-N-Wheels program (Read More)

  Tackling Wicked Problems learning series seeks solutions to complex social issues

Our community has complex social problems that persist despite our best attempts to fix them. Problems like poverty, equality, sustainability and health and wellness are called "wicked problems" - they are large, messy, complex and systemic so there are no easy solutions. (Read More)

  New Foundation invests in future of Winneconne area

The WACF Board of Directors, from left to right: John Bartow, Kate Pfaendtner, Peter Running, Andrew Beiser, Kelly Angell, Mike Vaughan, Peggy Larson, Andrea Alf, Mary Lou Schroeder, LaVerne Olson, Nancy Albright, Emily Dunham, Helen Thomson (Not pictured: Mae Kosciuk) (Read More)

  Winneconne Area Community Foundation support community

A new way to support and improve the community has arrived in Winneconne with the creation of the Winneconne Area Community Foundation (WACF). (Read More)

  Milestone year for Green Lake County/Ripon Community Foundation

The Foundation hit a milestone in 2014 when it awarded the largest grant in its 14-year history. The Board of Directors approved a $40,070 grant from the Green Lake Basic Needs Fund to launch the Help At Home program in Green Lake County. (Read More)

  Women's Fund supports innovation, reaches $1M in grants

The Women's Fund celebrated a milestone $1 million in grants this past year. A portion of those dollars supported the Campaign to End Isolation, which is designed to create awareness of isolation and its detrimental health effects. The movement and a Community Jam session in 2014 sparked ideas for initiatives to address isolation. (Read More)


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