Cheryl Fowler: Every little bit helps students

Cheryl Fowler is the Foundation's Education Coordinator. She works with donors who wish to support scholarships as well as students who receive scholarships.

Gone are the days when a student can work a summer job and expect to make enough money to pay for college tuition in the fall.

During the last 30 years, tuition costs in Wisconsin have risen 1,000 percent, and far surpassed the rate of inflation. It's rare to hear about a college graduate who is debt-free.

Scholarships can help. Many students who have received scholarships tell me that every dollar has made a difference to help achieve their goals.

That extra bit of help can mean less debt, which is so critical for young people starting their careers in today's economy.

Many donors establish scholarships in effort to support a student who excels at something they are passionate about, to honor or memorialize someone in their life, or who has endured the same hardships that they did and persevered. The Foundation is truly honored to be good stewards for our donors and carefully carry out their wishes to support young people and the future of our communities.

A scholarship can be an important recognition - a feather in the cap, so-to-speak - for a student who is on track to complete a successful high school education.

Believe it or not, a big reason why some students do not receive scholarships is because they did not apply. With the average award at $750 and the typical application time of about one hour, that's a good hour rate for potential payoff.

There are scholarships for every level of student achievement and futures plans, from average grades to valedictorians, from technical college goals to long-term medical school dreams.

The Foundation tries to make it as easy as possible for students to apply for scholarships. Our website,, has hundreds of scholarships and applications available to students in the greater Oshkosh area, and throughout the state. The Foundation's scholarship applications are online, and students only need fill it out one time to qualify for more than 170 different scholarships. I meet with most high school senior classes and personally walk them through the application process. It couldn't be any easier!

There are many generous people in our community who only want to help a young person succeed. Please help us spread the word about scholarships, and encourage the young person in your life to apply today.

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