Solutions 12 Step Recovery Club Fund

Creating hope for families coping with addictions.

"Recovery has always seemed to be something of an underground effort," says Todd Vander Galien, executive director of Solutions Recovery, Inc.

"(Addicts) tend not to want to reveal themselves and go public with their recovery. What I've found is that there's an entirely new recovery movement starting. We're putting faces of recovery out there, and raising awareness."

The movement comes at a time when the region is facing a deadly heroin and drug epidemic.

Founded in 2007, Solutions Recovery serves people with a desire to stop drinking or using drugs, and their families, with 12-step groups and other community-based programs.

Foundation grants and support to build organizational capacity, receive training and upgrade equipment have led Solutions Recovery through record growth. A recently established endowment fund with the Foundation provides hope for sustainable support in the future.

Contact: 920-233-0888 or

Unlimited coffee at Solution Recovery - The coffee bar is open to anyone and is a place to share feelings and emotions without being judged. Each "regular" has a coffee mug with their name on it. Monty Montgomery, pictures with mugs.

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