Designated: Oshkosh FIRST Wave Robotics Fund

Those who work in science and technology are geeked - so to speak - about their career paths.

And they understand the field needs to grow for the benefit of our local, national and international economies.

Wave Robotics is one way the science and technology field is attracting more youth.

Annual competitions provide students the opportunity to work with adult mentors from the community to build a robot. The Wave Robotics Team enters regional competitions, and hopefully, qualifies for the World Championships.

Oshkosh FIRST Wave Robotics, the nonprofit arm that supports the team, created a Designated Fund to help grow support in the community.

"The goal is to make sure this is a sustainable program to help our students become interested in science and reach for higher goals," says Komal Mehta, who serves on the group's Board of Directors.

"We want them to create goals and achieve them to have success in their life. This program is all about awareness of science, and to make it not so intimidating."

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