The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation offers several different types of funds, customizable to your clients' charitable goals and interests.

Community Impact Fund: Donors give without any restrictions, allowing the Community Foundation to address the area's most pressing needs.

Designated Fund: Donors choose one or more specific nonprofit organizations to support (e.g. Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh or the Paine Art Center and Gardens)

Donor Advised Fund: Donors personally recommend grants to support nonprofit organizations and projects

Field of Interest Fund: Donors support a general cause rather than a specific charity (e.g. at-risk youth or the arts)

Scholarship Fund: Donors provide post-secondary scholarships for high school graduates

Acorn Fund: Donors make an initial gift of at least $500 and build the fund over time (mature endowment of $10,000)

Special Project Fund: Donors contribute to a specific community fundraising effort

Giving Circle: A group of donors pool their resources, each contributing a small amount to build the fund over time (mature endowment of $10,000); the group then recommends grants to support projects of interest to the giving circle
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