Home Sweet Home

For Marlene Dega, there's no place like home.

After her husband passed away in 2008, Marlene couldn't bear the thought of leaving the home they had shared for nearly 50 years. But at 76 years old, the responsibility of running a household alone was becoming increasingly difficult.

"I couldn't do it alone, but I couldn't leave either," she says. "There was simply too much history here."

To help lighten the load, Marlene's daughter suggested calling Clarity Care. They referred Marlene to Help at Home, an innovative program that bridges the gap in home care costs for elderly and disabled residents who don't qualify for government assistance, yet don't have the resources to pay for outside aid.

Through Help at Home, clients receive assistance with transportation, household chores, meal preparation and personal care, allowing them to remain in their homes. Clients pay for services on a sliding income scale, but the program relies on support from organizations like the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation to subsidize the remainder of the cost.

Last year, the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation provided over $28,000 in grants to support Help at Home at the valuable community service it provides.

"It's more than chores or companionship," Marlene says. "It's the security of having a support system in place."

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