Student Achievement (Reading)
Background: The WKCE (Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination) measures performance in Reading and Mathematics. It is administered at a number of grade levels; we report the Reading results for fifth graders at both the county and state levels. Skill levels are assessed as minimal, basic, proficient, or advanced; on the vertical axis we report the percent of students that achieved a proficient or advanced Reading score in each year. For more information on WKCE testing, visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The 2011 Southern Winnebago County LIFE Study contains additional information on student test scores in Oshkosh and the surrounding communities.
Analysis: On average, between 2005 and 2011, 84% of Winnebago County fifth graders received a proficient or advanced Reading score; the state average over the same time period was 82%. In all but 2009, Winnebago County students outscored those in the state as a whole. However, test scores were steadily declining at both the county and state levels from 2007 through 2009, though the decline was more precipitous in Winnebago County over that period. After a rebound in 2010, 2011 results return more like levels seen in 2009. While this trend is disturbing, many factors influence student performance on standardized tests. Aside from issues such as testing practices and curriculum issues, economic issues such unemployment and income have also been related to testing results. It is important that any performance issues be addressed to help ensure that our fifth graders are prepared for subsequent grade levels, and ultimately graduate high school.

Analysis provided by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Updated: June 13, 2012
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2011 Southern Winnebago County LIFE Study
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