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Background: We express the number of home sales for Winnebago, Milwaukee, and Dane counties as a percentage of the total number of households in each county. The selected counties are representatives of the three main metropolitan areas of Wisconsin. Home sales, and especially new home sales, are often used as an indicator of the overall health of the economy; specifically, slow home sales often indicate a sluggish economy. Visit the National Association of Realtors for additional information. The 2011 Southern Winnebago County LIFE Study contains additional information on housing in Oshkosh and the surrounding communities.
Analysis: Since January 2008, the average home sales percentages were 0.20%, 0.17%, and 0.25% for Winnebago, Milwaukee, and Dane Counties, respectively. Note that in all three counties, home sales tend to rise in the spring and fall and decline during the colder months; this is commonly referred to as seasonality. Interestingly, sales in all three counties were quite comparable in the off-season (colder) months, but sales increased especially aggressively in Dane County in the spring and summer. While home sales tend to dip in the November-March time frame, this seasonal dip was longer than usual between late 2010 and early 2011, with a return to normal fluctuations since that time. The 2011 data suggests that the summer peak was smaller than in recent years indicating a slowdown in sales in that year, though data from early 2012 seems to show what may be a much higher summer spike for this coming year.

Analysis provided by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Updated: June 13, 2012
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