Strength in Numbers

Their purpose is simple: do good and give back.

Inspired by other giving circles of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, the Oshkosh Angels started their Acorn Fund to make an impact in our community. Each member contributes a small amount every year, growing the fund until it’s large enough to support charitable projects of interest to the entire group.

Like other giving circles, the Oshkosh Angels meet every other month for fundraising and fellowship, but they also incorporate regular volunteer opportunities into their meetings. Already they’ve picked up trash in downtown Oshkosh, made blankets for women and children fleeing domestic abuse, and stocked shelves at a local food pantry.

“In time, the fund will do a lot of good for our community,” says member Mary Beth Kelly. “But right now, our group can have an immediate impact by volunteering.”

With over 30 members, charitable interests among the group are varied. When asked about the projects they’re passionate about, Oshkosh Angels members answered everything healthcare and hunger, to special education and military families.

Despite their differences and diverse interests, they share a passion for improving the community. And they see charitable giving as a way to do it.

“It’s about getting people in the spirit of giving,” says member Karen Boehm. “We can do so much more together than we could ever do alone.”

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