Working with Financial Advisors to Secure Your Legacy of Giving

“Helen and John Schuster did a lot for their family and community while they were living, and now thanks to their foresight and smart planning, their estate carries on that work,” said Nick Jensen, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones.  “The Schuster family gave in many areas throughout the community.  They were quintessential down-to-earth people, and it was a sincere pleasure to build a relationship with them for over 25 years.”

The Schuster estate was set up prior to Helen & John passing.  Nick helped them get everything in order so that their legacy would live on.  Posthumously this money is managed much like it was within their lifetime.  You only take out enough money that you need to live with, and that way you continue to let the principal grow, ensuring support in perpetuity for any organization you were passionate about.

“When people come to me I don’t act as an estate attorney, but rather I get to know what their feelings are for our community.  I learn what they’re impassioned by currently, and connect those passions to opportunities within our community whenever possible.”  Nick went on further.  “It’s my privilege to help them identify broad areas that they’re interested in, and maybe even make some suggestions for things that they might not be aware of that are happening.  I gather those interests and then approach the Community Foundation.”

Library user Marcy Shukis enjoying large-print books made possible thanks to donations from the Schuster estate

Advisors partner with the Community Foundation and share that they have a client interested in a particular cause.  Then, Community Foundation staff will reach out and educate the client on causes and projects going on in our area that align with their philanthropic passions.  We showcase what those causes have done in the past, what they’re working on now, and what your gifts can allow them to do in perpetuity.

“It’s rewarding to help clients know that after they’ve passed away the money that they’ve worked for, invested, and saved continues to be used for good,”  noted Nick.  “ John loved to read Western novels, but he had a vision impairment.  He needed large print books.  Recognizing that there would always be members of our community with vision impairment, a portion of the Schuster estate was given to the Oshkosh Public Library for the purpose of providing large-print and audio books.”

Thanks to realistic planning and mindful foresight, the things that John & Helen cared for will always help others in our community.  For good.  For ever.  

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