Match grant to support addiction recovery

Over the past five years, the heroin epidemic has had a sweeping and impactful effect on many communities in Wisconsin. Recently, Winnebago County has been identified as having one of the higher overdose rates in the state. Support is growing for many organizations throughout the Fox Valley, and opportunities for treatment and continued sobriety support have started many on the road toward recovery.

In addiction, the term “recovery” does not relate to a fix or cure, but the continued process in which members of this community participate to stay clean and away from harmful substances. In 2011, a John Hopkins University study found that of those participating in medical detox and treatment, only 1 in 9, or 11%, were able to stay clean for one year after completion of their treatment. Continued involvement in a sober living program and recovery community support can increase those odds dramatically.

While community investment in recovery usually goes toward the initial treatment – the follow up support is often overlooked. In Oshkosh, Solutions Recovery Inc. offers support to those seeking recovery with a number of different programs including a Recovery Community Center – open 7 days a week, a sober living program, community and employer education programs, community awareness and outreach, creativity and wilderness programs, and CCAR Recovery Coaching. In addition, Solutions Recovery hosts many 12-step support groups. On average, Solutions Recovery hosts over 2,000 visits per month.

We are excited to announce a $30,000 dollar for dollar match from the Community Solutions Fund at OACF toward the continued efforts at Solutions Recovery in Oshkosh. Organizations like Solutions help make the initial work of treatment more impactful for many seeking recovery and helps to ensure better results from the investment of our community.

Please give this organization your consideration.

Solutions will be hosting the ReThink Addiction Walk/Run on Sept. 8th at the Club. You can register to participate at ReThink Addiction Walk/Run 2018 Or feel free to stop by on the 8th and check out the club!

Solutions Recovery, Inc. Mission Statement:

To Serve the Fox Valley’s recovery community with programs for individuals and their families, assisting addicts and alcoholics in relapse preventions and providing outreach services within our community.

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