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Many people think of animal shelters as places that provides temporary housing to cats and dogs in need. They may also consider shelters when they are interested in adding a fur companion to the family.

“While both are true, they don’t paint the full picture of how a humane shelter serves the community,” said Cindy Flauger, Neenah Animal Shelter executive director.

Data from 2022 Impact Report

Most shelter organizations have common goals of trying to reunite owners with lost pets, rehoming adoptable animals, controlling stray populations through spay and neutering, and providing shelter and care for vulnerable animals.

The Neenah Animal Shelter, a little shelter that has been doing big things for almost 60 years, has launched a capital campaign to build a new facility for the more than 500 animals it takes in each year. A $25,000 grant from the Community Impact Fund within the Community Foundation is supporting this campaign.

The new space will benefit pets that stay just briefly before being reunited or adopted into their forever home and others that may face longer lengths of stay because of their age or special needs.

Eagle (pictured) was born with a neurological condition causing uncontrolled body tremors. He was fostered by a Neenah Animal Shelter team member who carried him around in a kangaroo type pouch, crafted a walker to help him build strength, and helped him become a lovable, snuggly little guy. Eventually just the right people came along and welcomed Eagle into their hearts and home.

Our donors’ love of animals of all shapes, sizes, and ages comes through in the funds that they have established at your Community Foundation.

Funds benefiting area animal shelters (as of July 13, 2022):

  • Love of Animals Fund Veterinarian care for abused or sick animals in Winnebago County.
  • Green Lake Area Animal Shelter Fund
  • Cog Cat Fund – Care for cats in shelter at Oshkosh Area Humane Society (OAHS).
  • OAHS Senior Cats Fund, ROXEE Fund and Vandenberg Older Cat Fund – Care and adoption of older cats at OAHS.
  • OAHS Staff Professional Development Fund – OAHS staff development.
  • Ronald J. and Marion E. Bell Fund, Karen M. Gremminger and S. Mark Bullard Fund, Robert G. Hatch Endowment Fund, Arline E. Meier Fund, Mary Jo Reichenberger Fund, Luida E. Sanders Fund, Howard and Enid Schafer Designated Fund, Kay Wilde Memorial Fund, Jazz Memorial Fund, and Oshkosh Area Humane Society Fund – OAHS operating support.

Funds supporting the Menominee Park Zoo in Oshkosh:

  • Tom and Penny Harenburg Zoo Fund – Free admission to zoo, operations, exhibits and improvements.
  • Jim Ryan Menominee Zoo Fund – Educational programming.

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