Community Reports

2021 Annual Reports

We bring together leadership and funding to engage the community by coordinating local change efforts, engaging citizens, and bringing diverse voices and views together to address current and emerging needs. We strengthen our communities through collaboration and partnership with donors and others to ensure lasting impact and to improve the quality of life for perpetuity.

2021 Education Report

Education is a crucial part in strengthening our communities. The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation emphasizes education in numerous ways. The wonderful stories in this report are only a few of the many scholarships and education grants the foundation is part of. Much of our work in Oshkosh and all the communities in our service area is dedicated to education. Mentoring, apprenticeships, literacy programs, technology training, book distributions, teacher grants, capital projects, tuition assistance, employee advancement training, and scholarships are all areas that the Oshkosh Community Foundation supports year after year.

2021 Impact Report

Though we cannot be confident of what the future holds, we can be clear and resolved in our mission: To strengthen our communities. We are always learning and working to help our community improve. We continually convene and collaborate with nonprofits, municipalities, philanthropists, grantees, and more to learn about their issues and work together to develop plans to address them. We are a trusted, influential resource for our service area and are regarded as a strong community leader.

2020 Reports

*Please note, under our Audited Financial Statements page, the Total Liabilities & Net Assets was recorded in the report as $16,974,630. The correct number is $116,974,630.