Apprenticeships a win-win for community

Mark Stanga knew he wanted to be involved in the GM automotive program. His teacher, Mark Boushele saw that he had skills, behavior, and knowledge-base to be a candidate for youth apprenticeship. Mr. Boushele referred Mark to GM Bergstrom.

Through Mark’s classes, he learned the basic service information including maintenance and repairs to vehicles, had hands on experience with vehicles, and learned how to use the technical manual to serve a variety of vehicles and parts. When he finished with the program, his teacher helped him with the next steps of creating a resume. Mark was hired into the Bergstrom family and is currently receiving support from them to support him through technical college to gain additional skills.

Youth Apprenticeship is one of the many opportunities available to students to gain valuable work experience and businesses, the ability to access students who are interested in a field of study that could potentially be a great match for the organization.

A key position to help create partnerships is Patti Andreson-Shew, the Education and Work Force Coordinator through the Chamber of Oshkosh who works with businesses to open up opportunities for apprentices and work with the schools and teachers share opportunities and find apprentices.