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12/29/2022 transition UPDATE – 2023 grantmaking

As we’ve been communicating over the last several months, beginning in January 2023, the Basic Needs Giving Partnership (BNGP) will leverage its collective impact, voice, and experience by centralizing and coordinating all initiatives and activities under a single regional organization that supports the people and places advancing equity and economic well-being for everyone in Northeast Wisconsin. The new organization will continue to partner with nonprofits and local community foundations to embrace shared values of trust and collaboration, curiosity and learning, and equity with a systems-based approach. 

In 2023, the Partnership knows the bulk of funds raised from the 2022 U.S. Venture Open will go to support multi-year commitments already made to nonprofits in the region.  These organizations continue to address current needs and support long-term solutions to ending poverty

At the same time, with remaining grantmaking dollars, the Partnership is eager to lean into its new strategic framework (see pages 9-13). BNGP will continue to collaborate, advocate, and distribute resources in ways that not only address current needs in our communities, but that also actively work to disrupt the systems, policies, and practices that hold poverty in place. BNGP will center its shared values of trust and collaboration, curiosity and learning, and equity with a systems-based approach as it works towards the vision of thriving, equitable communities across Northeast Wisconsin 

In 2023, here’s what will stay the same:  

  • Basic Needs Giving Partnership funding will continue to support local organizations across Northeast Wisconsin.   
  • If your organization currently has an active multi-year Basic Needs Giving Partnership grant, those funds will continue to be disbursed via your local community foundation for the duration of the grant period.  
  • BNGP will continue to provide general operating support grants.  

In 2023, here’s what will change:  

  • New grants will be administered through the new centralized, regional Basic Needs Giving Partnership.  
  • BNGP will accept grant applications April 1 through May 15 with funding decisions announced by the end of June.  
  • The grant guidelines, released by late January, will focus on a specific element of the new strategic framework. 
  • Grant awards during the June grant cycle will be one year in duration.   
  • Grant decisions will be made by a committee that will include current community foundation representatives serving as local advisors to the committee.

As the Partnership continues to navigate this transformation process, it is committed to transparent communication with its partners. As always, feedback is invited as the Partnership continues to learn, adapt, and respond to emerging needs in collaboration with you. Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our communities.  

Please reach out to Lynn Coriano, Executive Director, at [email protected] with any questions about 2023 grantmaking.

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