Community Agreement

Community Agreement

Nearly 100 people gathered at 7 a.m. on a dreary, wet Wednesday, May 22, 2013, to hear about the Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement and results that are expected through the ongoing creation of the Oshkosh Area School District’s strategic plan. Dozens of signatures collected at the event were presented to the Board of Education later that day when board members accepted this plan in concept form.

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The Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement

This Community Agreement seeks to ensure Oshkosh residents are engaged in the movement to reconnect the public school system with the community’s vision, and strive for excellence through goals and outcomes developed through the Oshkosh Area School District’s strategic plan.

Priorities and Goals

The accomplishment of goals and action steps of the five priorities will propel the OASD toward excellence in both the short- and long-term. The following goals were developed as part of the strategic planning session.

Priority 1

Priority1_support_WebSupport and recognize the value of our quality teachers by all community members. Create an environment in which teachers receive the support
they need (programming, budgetary, support staff) to offer  appropriate educational experiences.

Goals and action steps

A. Develop an employee recognition program that will be started  in September 2013.

B. Develop a data-based model to compensate OASD professional  educators for quality and effectiveness to start in September 2014.

C. Align funding, staffing and resources within schools to reduce  nonteaching tasks and increase efficiencies to support student
learning in the classroom.

D. Develop and implement an Educator Effectiveness System  in compliance with Act 166.

Priority 2

WebWorking together to achieve a common goal. Move beyond the silos of “differing agendas and sides” to make decisions and move forward.

Goals and action steps

A. Foster and grow the citywide Parent Teacher Organization.

B. Develop and deliver a data-based quarterly feedback system  for the Board of Education using data from internal stakeholders.

C. Develop, sign and hold the Community Agreement meeting.

D. Redesign Board of Education work sessions so that the board  will receive more comprehensive information and respond  based on data and facts.

Priority 3

Priority3_Communication_WebCommunication. Communicate at all levels within the school district to parents, students and outside stakeholders.

Goals and action steps

A. Implement a school messaging system so that families  and the community are informed of information  concerning safety in a timely manner.

B. Develop and implement a local access channel production  that highlights OASD information and accomplishments.

C. Develop and implement a coordinated communications plan that will leverage social media opportunities.

Priority 4

Priority4_Equity_WebEquity among schools. Create an environment at each school where students have access to the same technology, building resources
and services.

Goals and action steps

A. Develop and implement a three-year technology plan  by September 2013. Action steps will address the equity  of technology across the district.

B. Establish a standard of practice in facilities and resources  for the district.

C. Develop and implement a student at-risk plan completed  by September 2013.

D. Develop and implement a Response to Intervention Plan.

Priority 5

Priority5_Team_WebTeam with groups within the community to develop educational experiences. Students need real world skills including “soft skills,” critical thinking, social skills, global awareness, independence, and workplace skills to maximize their full potential. Develop partnerships and collaborations with businesses, higher education, college, city government, schools, neighborhoods, parents, youth and citizens to maintain/grow our quality of life, our
public education system and economic development opportunities.

Goals and action steps

A. Expand and strengthen community partnerships to provide schools, teachers and students with comprehensive support services.

B. Expand and strengthen community partnerships so that  21st Century skills, soft skills and social skills are mastered  by students.

C. Partner with the City of Oshkosh and Winnebago County  to strengthen economic development in the community.

D. Every student is college, career and life-long learning ready through partnerships with families, business, community
and higher education.

E. Reverse current trend related to open enrollment  by determining factors related to parent choice of school  district other than the Oshkosh Area School District.

How we plan to fulfill our aspirations

Today, May 22, 2013, we gather to agree as a community that these priorities are important to us and we will do our part to achieve them
together by doing the following:

> Assume full community ownership of our public schools.

> Expect and insist on excellence in education, not  mediocrity.

> Expect that all high school graduates are post-high school education, career and life-long learning ready.

> Maintain learning as the top priority above the day-to-day operations of schools and the school system.

> Incorporate 21st Century skills such as collaboration,  communication, critical thinking and creativity into the  curriculum.

> See ourselves (residents along with government, business  and civic entities) as partners in providing high quality  public schools.

> Ensure that our school facilities provide a safe and  positive learning environment.


Together, we can make a difference.