Types of Funds

Types of Funds

We provide simple, powerful and highly personal approaches to giving, offering a variety of giving tools and types of funds to help you achieve your charitable goals. Give us a call and let us help you establish your fund to start making a difference in your community today! 920.426.3993

The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation’s Gift and Fund Acceptance Policies are available upon request by contacting the Foundation at 920-426-3993.


Acorn Funds

With an Acorn Fund, you can build a permanent endowment over time. Donors invest as little as $500 up front, and add tax-deductible contributions of at least $250 each year thereafter. When the Acorn Fund reaches $10,000 in gifts and interest, it matures into a permanent endowment fund.

Acorn Funds are best suited for donors who:

  • Are new to philanthropy, but want to give back to the community
  • Can afford to make small gifts over a number of years
  • Want to build a philanthropic legacy over time
  • Want to share the joy of giving with their children