Grant Reporting Forms

Grant Reporting Forms

The Community Foundation takes seriously its role of stewardship and cares deeply about the impact of awarded funds. For this reason, many grant programs require award recipients to complete progress and/or final reports that reflect on their progress towards the outcomes articulated in the grant proposal. If your organization has received a grant and you are unsure whether a report is required, please log into the Community Foundation grants management portal. There will be a follow-up form listed under the request if a report is required. For more information on how to access and complete follow-up forms, please reference this tutorial.

The information grantees provide in grant reports is used to share success stories with Foundation stakeholders, to raise awareness around critical community needs, to improve our understanding of charitable organizations and their outcomes, and/or to set future grantmaking direction. Failure to submit a required grant report may affect your ability to apply for grant funds in the future.

For any questions regarding grants, please contact:


Director of Programs

[email protected]

(920) 426-3993