Press Releases

O4E to report on school district successes and initiatives – 1/09/19

O4E to provide progress report on Oshkosh’s public schools — 1/16/2016

O4E to provide progress report on Oshkosh’s public schools — 10/12/2015

O4E to highlight community partnerships in education report — 9/24/2014

Education panel reports on progress in Oshkosh public schools — 7/9/2014

Oshkosh4Education plans annual report to community — 5/16/2013

Community invited to attend Oshkosh4Education breakfast — 5/17/13 

Results from Oshkosh4Education forums, survey are in —  3/28/2013

Oshkosh4Education sets event to kick off visioning project — 12/18/2012



Oshkosh Area School District Strategic Plan

Oshkosh4Education Annual Report to the Community 2015 strategic plan presentation



Oshkosh4Education 2015 Annual Report to the Community

Oshkosh4Education 2014 Annual Report to the Community

Oshkosh Area School District 2013-2014 School Performance Report Card

OASD Strategic Plan Metrics June 2014

Oshkosh4Education School Year Ending Report to the Community

Oshkosh4Education Education Commission Chair Beth Wyman presented progress on the OASD Strategic Plan to the OASD Board of Education on Jan. 8, 2014. Download the script of the O4E Update to OASD Board of Education January 2014.

Oshkosh4Education 2013 Annual Report to the Community

Oshkosh Area School District 2012-2013 School Performance Report Card

Oshkosh Area School District Strategic Plan

Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement

Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement Presentation Slides


Media Coverage

Oshkosh manufacturers embrace offering students opportunities — Oshkosh Northwestern, 9/7/2014

Students learn about potential career opportunitie— Oshkosh Northwestern, 4/13/2014

Beth Wyman: Give Oshkosh schools tools to be competitive — Oshkosh Northwestern, 3/24/2014

Oshkosh schools working to build apprenticeship program — Oshkosh Northwestern, 2/3/2014

Community partners with school district —  Fox 11 9/19/2013

Oshkosh4Education plans annual report to community  —Oshkosh Northwestern, 9/17/2013

Oshkosh4Education survey says teachers are top priority — Oshkosh Northwestern, 3/29/2013

Oshkosh Residents Asked to Take Survey — WBAY TV 2, 3/12/2013

Beth Wyman: Oshkosh4Education requests community input — Oshkosh Northwestern, 3/6/2013

Jim Fitzhenry column: A ‘put up or shut up’ moment on education — Oshkosh Northwestern, 2/17/2013

Photos from Community Listening Session at Oaklawn Elementary School — 2/11/2013

Oshkosh4Education to hold more community conversations — Oshkosh Northwestern, 2/6/2013

WOSH 1490 AM Morning News Focus with Bob Burnell —  1/28/2013
Oshkosh4Education Project Coordinator Mary Olson and Oshkosh Area Community Foundation Board Chair Beth Wyman discuss the stages and goals of Oshkosh4Education on this news-talk radio program.  | Morning News Focus Part 1/ 10 min  |  Morning News Focus Part 2/ 10 min |  Morning News Focus Part 3/ 8 min 

Education ‘movement’ in Oshkosh focused on community engagement, school accountability— Oshkosh Northwestern, 1/8/2013

Education visioning kicks off Tuesday with event, focus groups, survey— Oshkosh Northwestern, 1/6/2013

Beth Wyman: Community can help create education vision— Oshkosh Northwestern, 1/5/2013

Chamber NewsWave article, Pg 18, Oshkosh4Education — January, 2013



Oshkosh4Education Presentation of the Community Agreement, 5/22/2013



Presentation of the Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement event, 5/22/2013

Community Listening Session, Oshkosh Convention Center, 2/23/2013

Community Listening Session, La Sure’s Banquet Hall, 2/14/2013

Community Listening Session, Oshkosh Public Library, 2/20/2013


Public Service Announcements

Beth Wyman for Oshkosh4Education Community Survey — March 2013


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