Report Card to the Community

Using the Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement as a guide, goals and measurements of success have been developed as part of the OASD Strategic Plan, and are monitored and evaluated by the O4E Education Commission. Each fall, we report on the status of those goals and measurements in our Annual Report to the Community.

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To receive printed copies of the Oshkosh4Education Annual Report, please contact Beth Wyman at [email protected]


The Oshkosh4Education 2015 Annual Report to the Community


Achieving Our Goals

Data as of Sept. 28, 2015

Priority 1: Support and recognize the value of our quality teachers by all community members.

Overall Percent Complete: 86%

Goal A: Develop an employee recognition program that will be started in September 2013. 100% complete

Goal B: Develop a data-based model to compensate OASD professional educators for quality and effectiveness to start in September 2014. 100% complete

Goal C: Align funding, staffing and resources within schools to reduce nonteaching tasks and increase efficiencies to support student learning in the classroom. 84% complete

Goal D: Develop and implement an Educator Effectiveness System in compliance with Act 166. 74 % complete




Priority 2: Working together to achieve a common goal.

Overall Percent Complete: 78%

Goal A: Foster and grow the citywide Parent Teacher Organization. 48% complete

Goal B: Develop and deliver a data-based quarterly feedback system for the Board of Education using data from internal stakeholders. 85% complete

Goal C: Develop, sign and hold the Community Agreement meeting. 100% complete

Goal D: Redesign Board of Education work sessions so that the board will receive more comprehensive information and respond based on data and facts. 84% complete



Priority3_Communication_WebPriority 3Communication.

Overall Percent Complete: 84%

Goal A: Implement a school messaging system so that families and the community are informed of information concerning safety in a timely manner. 100% complete

Goal B: Develop and implement a local access channel production that highlights OASD information and accomplishments. 79% complete

Goal C: Develop and implement a coordinated communications plan that will leverage social media opportunities. 84% complete



Priority4_Equity_WebPriority 4: Equity among schools.

Overall Percent Complete: 90%

Goal A: Develop and implement a three-year technology plan by September 2013. Action steps will address the equity of technology across the district. 94% complete

Goal B: Establish a standard of practice in facilities and resources for the district. 92% complete

Goal C: Develop and implement a student at-risk plan to be completed by September 2013. 76% complete

Goal D: Develop and implement a Response to Intervention Plan. 99% complete



Priority5_Team_WebPriority 5: Team with groups within the community to develop educational experiences.

Overall Percent Complete: 59%

Goal A: Expand and strengthen community partnerships to provide schools, teachers and students with comprehensive support services. 89% complete

Goal B: Expand and strengthen community partnerships so that 21st Century skills, soft skills and social skills are mastered by students. 98% complete

Goal C: Partner with the City of Oshkosh and Winnebago County to strengthen economic development in the community. 41% complete

Goal D: Every student is college, career and lifelong learning ready through partnerships with families, business, community and higher education. 53% complete

Goal E: Reverse current trend related to open enrollment by determining factors related to parent choice of school district other than the Oshkosh Area School District. 75% complete

Goal F: Resolve the Oshkosh Area School District’s south facilities adequacy/attendance boundaries with a focus on the Lakeside/ Green Meadow Schools and adjacent schools attendance areas. 77% complete

Goal G: Develop a process to identify, design, fund and establish one or more magnet schools of choice for the Oshkosh Area School District. 0% complete