Stories from our Schools

For the first time ever, residents of Oshkosh came together in 2013 to create a shared vision for our community’s children, for the value of education, for investment into our economy and for growing as a community. Oshkosh4Education provided the vehicle to collect our individual viewpoints and to build consensus about our schools, and, ultimately a better quality of life to be had by all who work, live and play in the city of Oshkosh. With a Community Agreement in hand, Oshkosh4Education formed the Education Commission. This 27-member volunteer panel of business, community and OASD representatives monitors and analyzes progress made on educational goals. A new story is unfolding in Oshkosh and its public schools. Through community partnerships and communications, Oshkosh4Education is working to advance excellence in our public schools and demonstrate why Oshkosh is a district of choice.

OASD Student Bulletin by Wyatt Mraz

Oshkosh Communities 2 student Wyatt Mraz blogs about the good news in Oshkosh Area School District schools.

I’m a student at Oshkosh North in Communities 2. Communities is a project-based learning program where we apply what we are learning in the classroom to a Community project.  My project involves working with the founders of Oshkosh4Education to spread the word about what’s going on in the public schools. Send tips/ideas to [email protected].

Community Engagement and Involvement

2014 Veteran Project

Communities at Oshkosh North student Danielle Shay developed an instant bond with WWII veteran Ralph Reichenberger during a class project. Ralph opened up to Danielle about his experiences traveling overseas in the Philippines and Australia, and Danielle was able to make meaningful connections with all she had researched, read, and studied. Danielle learned about the war but even greater, she created a relationship that enriched her life. Read more

Education that is responsive, relevant, forward-focused and outcomes-driven

Community collaborations pave way for Oshkosh students

From the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP), to apprenticeship programs and internships to Youth Options, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Oshkosh Area School District, Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce and area technical colleges are working together to educate the next generation of graduates. “To get a head start on college is a big deal,” said Robert Kerchof, a senior at Oshkosh West High School who plans to attend UW Oshkosh next fall. Read more

Technology advances learning

Telepresencing Unit

Kathryn Drayna has been taking French since her freshman year. As a senior, she and 8 of her classmates at Oshkosh North found they were in a situation where there were not enough students in French to justify running the course. Through a telepresencing unit, West teacher Beth Clark is able to also teach Kathryn and the others at North. In addition, the Smartboard and Google Classroom are being utilized to give students feedback on their learning. Read More

Impact on quality of life for the city, region, students and families

GM Bergstrom

Mark Stanga knew he wanted to be involved in the GM automotive program. His teacher, Mark Boushelem saw that he had skills, behavior and the knowledge to be a candidate for youth apprenticeship. Mark was referred through the apprenticeship program, and after completing the program, Bergstrom hired Mark and is helping him receive further education. Read More

Career Exploration

The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is committed to partnering with Oshkosh schools in preparing students to be successful members of our area’s future workforce. The chamber collaborates with schools on career exploration opportunities, including a career exploration conference, tours of local businesses, coordinating in-school career speakers and facilitating employability and communication training.

At the high school level, career exploration builds through students who choose to participate in the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program, which allows student to try out a career that they have already taken instruction on.

High school students learn about aging, health careers

Through a partnership with The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce, FVTC and Evergreen Retirement Community, Oshkosh West and North High School students enrolled in Understanding Health Careers classes experienced what it would be like to have debilitating ailments as part of understanding the aging process. High school students learn about aging, health careers

The following videos, students and their employers describe their apprenticeship experiences.

CULINARY ARTS — Brandon Wells and his mentor Ryan Rasmussen from EAA

ENGINEERING — Bryce Diermerier about his apprenticeship at Shallbetter

ACCOUNTING — Meredith Gerharz and her mentor Jenni Foust from Kitz & Pfeil

NURSING — Maggie Van Heuklon about her experience in North’s CNA program

SKILLED TRADES/WELDING — Ryan Weisjohn about his experience at Stainless Piping Specialists