Telepresencing connects students

We are fortunate that through the successful referendum, OASD is able to offer all students equity in technology; which is responsive and relevant to the needs of our students. One such example took place for Kathryn Drayna. You see Kathryn is a student at Oshkosh North who has been taking French since her freshman year. As a senior, she and her eight other classmates found they were in a situation where there were not enough students in French to justify running the course.

After some brainstorming among the high school administrators, the technology department, and the Modern Language teachers, a plan emerged to offer French at North through the telepresencing unit. Beth Clark, a teacher at West High School now taught her students at West and used the telepresencing unit to also reach the students at North High School. In addition, the Smartboard and Google Classroom are being utilized to give students feedback on their learning.

Kathryn shared this will have an impact on her future as she has learned technology etiquette, how to troubleshoot technology, and how to articulate questions which she believes will help her and her classmates prepare for college and the workforce.