Wyman, Bill

President and Chief Executive Officer


(Board Member 1998-2008)

Albright, Nancy

(Board member 2003-2013)


Residence: Winneconne

Profession: Retired

Interests: Family, friends, gardening, antiques, and making Sunday night supper for the whole family

Vision for the Oshkosh area: Making this community the best place to live and learn in the Fox Valley.

Bermingham, John

(Board member 1997-2007, 2011-2012)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Attorney at Reff, Baivier, Bermingham, & Lim, SC

Vision for the Oshkosh area: A future where everyone will learn the benefits of combined philanthropy and how it makes big things happen in our community.

Bittner, Larry

(Board member 1996-2006)

Castle, Mike

(Board member 2009-2013)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Part-owner of Castle Pierce Printing

Coglianese, Marcy

(Board member 2002-2012)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Copy writer

Interests: Good books and good food… and sharing them both with the people I love.

Vision for the Oshkosh area: A community filled with innovation, creativity and energy.

Elbing, Dave

(Board member since 2009)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Real estate development

Harenburg, Tom

(Board member 2001-2011)

Hergert, Bob

(Board member 1995-2005)

Hirschberg, Jason

(Board member 2008-2018)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Attorney at Hirschberg Law, LLC

Vision for the Oshkosh area: To sustain the revitalization efforts on the East Side.

Keating Heinemann, Lorrie

Lang, Peter

(Board member 2010-2020)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Real Estate Development. Owner, The Morgan Partners & Lang Development, Inc.

Vision for the Oshkosh area: A thriving university community that has capitalized on our natural resources to further our status as a city with one of the best quality of life standings in the country.

Lasky, Mark

(Board member 2006-2016)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Chief Executive Officer, Sadoff Iron and Metal Company

Interests: Family, travel adventures, friends, fantasy football, reading

Vision for the Oshkosh area: Restoring pride in our community.

Lasky, Sheldon

Luther, Catherine

(Board member 2007-2017)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Community volunteer

Interests: Biking, hiking, travel, gardening, cooking, family, and friends.

Vision for the Oshkosh area: As a community, we need to celebrate more often all that we have accomplished and to embrace all that we are capable of. We should be proud of the myriad treasures we have in this community.

Malczewski, Jim

(Board member since 2011)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Partner with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP

Vision for the Oshkosh area: A community that is a model of compassionate and loving generosity, serving leadership, and a place where we have people who step up and get involved to make a difference.

McDonald, Sylvia

(Board member 2013-2018)


Residence: Oshkosh

Pfaendtner, Kate

(Board member 2012-2022)


Residence: Winchester/Winneconne

Profession: Community volunteer

Interest: Faith, family, & community are my priorities. Recreation focus includes my animals (horses, dogs & cats), exercise, reading, games & puzzles.

Schecklman, Dave

(Board member 2015-2017)

Schloesser, Jack

(Board member 2000-2007)

Seubert, Pat

(Board member 2002-2012)


Residence: Winneconne

Profession: Attorney at Seubert & Huber LLP

Sullivan, Jack

(Board member 2003-2008)

Sundett, Sam

(Board member 2001-2011)

Tower, Burk

Trembly, Jeff


(Board member since 2012)


Residence: Oshkosh

Profession: Business Owner

Interests: Travel, sports, reading, family and friends.

Vierthaler, Dave

(Board member 2003-2008)

Wyman, Beth

(Board member 2009-2015)

Yakes, Gary