Establish A Scholarship Fund

Hundreds of young people further their education each year with help from Oshkosh Area Community Foundation scholarships. Scholarships have a tremendous impact on the students who receive them. Without scholarships, many students would be unable to go to college.



You can set up a Scholarship Fund now or through your will/estate plan to memorialize a loved one, honor a family member’s accomplishments, support a field or trade that you’re passionate about, or celebrate the educational institutions you attended. Businesses and civic groups can set up Scholarship Funds, as well, to encourage students to pursue a related field of study, honor a founder or long-time employee, or to encourage community engagement.

Scholarships are awarded annually from individual Scholarship Funds to assist students pursuing all levels of education. Foundation staff are skilled in administering a variety of scholarship programs at different service levels, depending on the donor’s desired level of involvement. We work with numerous public and private schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals to administer each of their unique programs.

We have dedicated scholarship staff who are knowledgeable of legal guidelines for the selection and awarding of scholarships. While tax rules prevent you from selecting recipients and awarding scholarships to family members or loved ones, you can be actively involved in the scholarship process by attending scholarship ceremonies and presenting awards to the recipients.

Set up a scholarship fund that will award its first scholarship this year with a gift of $10,000 or more. By endowing a scholarship fund, you ensure that the fund will generate enough earnings to award annual scholarships, forever.



1. Choose your Focus

  • Who should apply?
  • Where should students be from?
  • Should applicants be limited to certain schools?
  • Should this benefit someone with a financial need?
  • Should it be to attend a particular college?• Should it apply to a particular major?
  • Must the student meet a GPA minimum?
  • Is it renewable?

2. Name the Fund

The fund can bear your name, your company name, the name of a loved one or be anonymous.

3. Contribute

A $10,000 gift will allow a scholarship to be awarded in the next scholarship cycle. Gifts of cash, stocks or bonds can be used to establish a scholarship.

Once established, the Foundation will promote your fund on the Fox River Scholarship Center website, social media, and weekly email blasts. Most students need only complete one online application and are automatically matched with every scholarship for which they are eligible. A full listing of scholarships and a link to the online application is available at This website is the most complete online source for scholarships available to students in the Wisconsin counties of Winnebago, Green Lake and Waushara, and the city of Ripon.

Fox River Scholarship Center


For information about the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation’s scholarships, or to establish a Scholarship Fund, please contact Cheryl Fowler.

Cheryl Fowler


Director of Education

[email protected]

(920) 426-3993