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Participation in arts and cultural activities enriches the lives of individuals, promotes interaction among residents, provides opportunities to deepen learning, and builds community across groups with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Learn More

Basic Needs Giving Partnership

To support the people and places advancing equity and economic well-being for everyone in Northeast Wisconsin. Learn More

Celebrate Education

The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation recognizes the importance of education in our community. Together with our community partners – Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis and the Oshkosh Area School District Education Foundation – we are dedicated to helping teachers find the resources they need. Learn More

Community Impact

To help nonprofits build the capacity required to adapt to a changing ecosystem and maximize their ability to achieve their missions. Learn More

Green Lake Basic Needs

To support charitable projects and programs that meet residents’ basic needs, including food, clothing and shelter. Learn More

Green Lake County/Ripon Community Foundation

Learn more about changes to this grant program.

Older Adults

To support charitable projects that benefit the elderly in the Oshkosh area. Learn More

Oshkosh Funding Consortium

This year’s grants will be solely supported by City of Oshkosh Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. CDBG funding can be used for a variety of public service activities if at least 51 percent of people served with these funds are low and moderate income. The funds can be used for labor, supplies, materials and other costs related to the implementation and operation of the program. All clients benefiting from the use of CDBG funds should live within the city limits of Oshkosh. Learn More

Ripon Fund

To support the growth and development of projects that offer more effective ways of serving people in the community, meet emerging community needs, and/or strengthen nonprofit organizations. Learn More

Rudoy Awards for Teaching Excellence

Edward and Belle Rudoy established a permanent endowment with the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation in 1996 with the mission to support teachers in their efforts to provide the best possible education for children.  Learn More

Winneconne Community Foundation

To preserve and improve the quality of life for Winneconne area residents. Learn More

Winneconne Education

To support educators, students and programming in the Winneconne Community School District. Learn More.

Women's Fund

To support women and girls by making resources available for causes of interest to women, fostering among women a sense of empowerment and philanthropy, and increasing awareness throughout the community of the importance of women’s issues. Learn More.


To support charitable projects and programs that further youth development. Learn More.


Grant applications are available online 1-2 months prior to the application deadline.

All grant applications are reviewed by an independent advisory committee. This committee reviews all applications received, and recommends awards to the organizations that best meet the granting criteria.

After the advisory committee has made its recommendations, the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation board of directors votes to approve the grant awards. Following board approval, all applying organizations will be notified of the granting decision. Generally, nonprofit organizations are typically notified within 90 days of the application deadline.

Many nonprofit organizations are required to complete mid-term grant reports or a final grant report upon completion of the grant period. Please reference your grant agreement for reporting requirements specific to your grant. Failure to submit a required grant report may affect your ability to apply for grant funds in the future.

Questions Regarding Grant Applications Contact:

Amy Putzer

Amy Putzer

Director of Programs

[email protected]

(920) 426 3993