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Summer Camp: A Place to Play

Posted on Jul 6, 2022 by

In normal times, camp is already invaluable for kids of all backgrounds. Camp provides opportunities for problem solving, learning together, meeting new people, and navigating social interactions in a relaxed and fun setting and, most importantly, outside of the house.

Caregivers Need Care Too!

GOAL Help caregivers remain healthy and become more confident and knowledgeable care providers. CHALLENGE While caregiving provides rewards, it also exacts a toll. Family caregivers are typically in poorer health than non-caregivers, twice as likely to suffer from serious stress, and well over half of them lack confidence to do all the necessary tasks of […]

OACF Owes a Lot to Andrew Swinney

On Feb. 1, 1992, Andrew Swinney began his duties as the first President in the history of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. Today, we are saddened to learn of his passing.  Swinney was widely respected in Oshkosh. Past Foundation board members were emotional upon hearing the news. Here are some of their comments: “I am […]