Funding the Future

Gail Schwab is willing to drop a hint for a good cause.

In 2004, she told a Coldwell Banker Schwab Realty staff member that she and Dennis would love to have an Acorn Fund at the Community Foundation and that it would make the perfect holiday gift.

When staff presented it to them at the company holiday celebration, they were thrilled.

“I just said, ‘this is the best gift anyone has ever given me,'” Gail described, beaming. “This is what I’ve wanted more than anything else: the ability to give back to the community that has given so much to us.”

Their desire to give back is borne from years in the real estate business, playing a role Gail describes as community cheerleader. Both hail from other communities. Dennis grew up in Bloomer, a small town in western Wisconsin. Gail is a Wausau native.

Since moving to Oshkosh to teach at Fox Valley Technical College, Dennis and Gail have watched the community evolve. Their charitable desire: support its development and growth through the Community Foundation.

“I see the Community Foundation as a catalyst,” Gail said. “Without them, I certainly don’t think we’d be as far along as a community as we are right now.”

“We need the people of this community to be involved,” Dennis said. “We need them to see a way they can be involved.”

Both note the Acorn Fund is an easy way for people to get involved in preparing for the community’s future. With a total gift of just $500 or more (and a pledge to contribute $250 each year), you can set up a charitable fund for your family, employer or group of friends.

“With the Acorn Fund, you can start in a small way,” Gail said. “It is possible for anyone to do.”

As Dennis and Gail learned first-hand, a charitable fund is hint-worthy. It makes the perfect gift.

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