COVID-19 Green Lake Area Relief Fund

The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation has established a relief fund to help nonprofit organizations in the Green Lake area impacted by the coronavirus.

Initial funding for the COVID-19 Green Lake Area Relief Fund was generously donated by The McConnell Family Foundation.  “The effects of COVID-19 are widespread.  Our family of businesses has been greatly affected,” commented Mandi Hinrichs, President of FLASH.  “But we also know the devastating effect on our community organizations.  Now, more than ever, our local community needs a rally of support, and we hope this encourages others that are able to contribute to do so.”

“This fund is designed to give added support to those organizations on the front lines of caring for vulnerable populations and providing a safety net for individuals impacted by the loss of jobs and benefits or the closure of institutions,” said Bill Wyman, President and CEO of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.

Donations are encouraged by the local Green Lake community. The McConnell family, owners of Green Lake’s Crossroads Market, will also use the store’s Rooster Round Up program to build on the fund.  “Our Rooster Round Up program has been able to raise substantial funds for many local organizations, at less than one dollar at a time,” Hinrichs said.  “This is a great way for our shoppers to aid the community.  It is amazing how quickly those few cents add up.”  All monies raised through the Round Up Program pass through to the benefiting organization.

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