Dental Clinic on Wheels

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Brothers Michael and Malakai visited Tri-County Dental‘s mobile dental clinic at Franklin Elementary in Oshkosh in January 2022 as part of the Robert Glass Focus on the Children program.

Both brothers received an exam, bitewing x-rays, a thorough cleaning, oral hygiene instruction, and fluoride varnish treatments. Big brother Michael had received the same services last year. After decay was detected on his primary molars, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) was applied to slow the progression until the areas could be restored by Marquette University dental students under the supervision of volunteer dentist Jacci Belter. Sealants were also placed on his permanent six-year molars to prevent decay. Now in first grade, Michael is cavity-free! Little brother Malakai is in kindergarten and it’s his first year in the program. He’s missing a couple of teeth but is also cavity-free!

In addition to the other services provided, he was able to have sealants placed on two six-year molars.

These two siblings have received a combined total of $2,646 of free dental care, all completed on the mobile dental clinic at their school. Not only is the “dental bus” fun for these students but having a dental clinic at their school minimizes the amount of time they miss school for a dental appointment. This is great for both the student and their parents!

Your Community Foundation and its donors have invested more than $525,000 in the mobile dental clinic since it started serving the Oshkosh area in 2012. You can help children with limited access to dental care receive oral health screenings at schools, dental cleanings, examinations and x-rays, and additional dental treatments as needed with a donation to the Tri-County Dental Clinic Focus on the Children Fund.

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