Winneconne Area Community Foundation


Imagine your community in 25 years. 50 years. 100 years. You can help strengthen your community for the years ahead. The Winneconne Area Community Foundation provides a simple, effective way for you to invest in the community’s future. Whether it’s the arts, youth, education, faith, environment, health, scholarships, or the community, the Foundation can help you make a lasting gift to benefit your favorite causes. The Foundation is here to be your charitable giving partner, helping you to get the most from your charitable dollars and making your giving more effective and enjoyable.

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  • John Broderick, President
  • Mike Vaughan, Secretary
  • Kelly Angell
  • Barbara Biggar
  • Cary Garofalo
  • Scott Holland
  • Peggy Larson
  • Samuel McGinnis
  • Paul Olson
  • Kate Pfaendtner
  • Katie Sharratt
  • Rose Unser
  • Craig F. Wiedemeier


Individuals, families and organizations establish charitable funds with us to give back to the community in ways that help others today and for future generations. It’s easy to start a fund to reflect your own charitable interests with a gift of cash, stock, real estate or almost any asset. Or donate to an existing fund that supports something you’re passionate about.

acorn funds 

Donors invest as little as $500 up front, and add tax-deductible contributions of at least $250 each year thereafter. When the acorn fund reaches $10,000 in gifts and interest, it matures into a permanent endowment fund.


Provides long-term support for a specific organization you care deeply about. 

donor advised

With a Donor Advised Fund you recommend grants from your fund to support the nonprofit organizations you care deeply about.

field of interest

With a Field of Interest Fund you can support your favorite cause, forever. When creating a Field of Interest Fund, you name the purpose of your fund (arts, health, education, etc.) and the Foundation identifies projects that will most effectively accomplish your goals.


You can set up a general scholarship for a deserving student, or establish specific criteria (high school attended, field of study, financial need, etc.) to meet your educational interests.


Short-term fund set up to support a specific project.


The Foundation can tailor your gift to fit your charitable interest and financial situation. You can make your gift using a variety of assets, including:
  • Cash on Stocks
  • Cash or Stocks
  • Property
  • Property / Real Estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Assets
  • Retirement Assests
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Life Estates
  • Life Estates
  • Bequest
  • Bequest

Donors enjoy maximum tax advantages for their gifts as well. Call 920-426-3993 for details about your giving options. Your unrestricted gift allows the Foundation to address emerging needs in our community through an open grant process.


The Winneconne Area Community Foundation
P.O. Box 476
Winneconne, WI 54986-0476