Neenah High School Students Awarded Over $57,000 in Scholarships

The Neenah Joint School District has awarded a total of $57,800 in scholarships to 44 Neenah High School seniors. These scholarships are supported by funds held within the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation.

Recipients, who were honored during a ceremony on May 19, were chosen by a volunteer committee of the school district. The following award winners were selected based on outstanding work in the classroom, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement:

Student                                  Amount          Scholarship

Bruce Argall                            $1,000             Merizon Family Scholarship

$500                Raymond & Mary Brengosz Memorial Scholarship

Gabrielle Belke                       $1,000             Ann Beaster Memorial Scholarship

$1,500             Neenah Community Scholarship

Aneka Blenker                        $1,000             Andrew Thorson Scholarship

Emma Bowman                      $1,000             Senior Class Scholarship

Faith Demerath                       $500                Neenah Soccer Club Educational Scholarship

Allyssa Dotson                        $500                Robert Radtke Scholarship

Ava Dunsirn                            $1,000             Maureen McAvoy Memorial Scholarship

Kayla Ellenbecker                   $1,000             Rick & Carolyn Carlson Scholarship

$3,000             Warren Schucknecht Memorial Scholarship

$500                William Heidke Scholarship

Molly Ellman-Johnson            $1,000             Florence Spanbauer Teacher’s Scholarship

$1,000             Patrick Began Rocket Memorial Scholarship

$500                Albert J. and Arline M. Goerlitz Scholarship

Alexander Fahrenkrug            $1,000             Helping Hands Scholarship

Marista Fraley                         $500               Clayton Elementary PTO Scholarship

Natalie Frank                          $250                Roger Ernst Literary Excellence Scholarship

Adelyn Fredrickson                 $1,000             Senior Class Scholarship

Kira Fritsch                              $1,000             Senior Class Scholarship

Lindsey Harris                         $500                Norma Mayer Memorial Scholarship

Andrew Hou                            $500                Neenah Soccer Club Educational Scholarship

$1,000             Theda Clark Smith Foundation Scholarship

Ethan Hou                               $1,000             Theresa M. Cheng MD, PhD Scholarship

Ashlyn Jacobs                        $1,000             Theda Clark Smith Foundation Scholarship

Jaxon King                              $300                Lakeview Elementary PTO Scholarship

Amber Koller                           $300                Lakeview Elementary PTO Scholarship

$1,000             Senior Class Scholarship

Kalyan Krueger-Olson            $1,000             Larry and Michael Prell Memorial Scholarship

Nolan Kubiak                          $500                Bill Dunwiddie Memorial Scholarship

$1,000             Theda Clark Smith Foundation Scholarship

Kyler Lasee                             $1,000             Florence Spanbauer Teacher’s Scholarship

Shalene Martinez                    $1,000             Neenah Joint School District Board of Education Schlp.

Gavin McClowry                     $1,000             Theda Clark Smith Foundation Scholarship

Shamus McMahon                 $200                Helen Rose Chrapla & Davis Bryan Chrapla Schlp.

$1,000             Merizon Family Scholarship

$500                Roosevelt Elementary School PTO Scholarship

Madelyn Mellenthin                 $500                Sara Marie Gossen Scholarship

Janae Owens                          $1,000             Neenah Joint School District Board of Education Schlp.

Joseph Paider                         $2,000             Ron & Delores Einerson Scholarship

Ellison Popp                            $500                Champion of Conservation Scholarship

$2,500             Patrick Began Rocket Memorial Scholarship

Destinee Ramos                     $1,500             Neenah Community Scholarship

Thompson Ranger                  $500                Roosevelt Elementary School PTO Scholarship

McKenna Schabo                   $1,500             Neenah Community Scholarship

Amelia Schreiner                    $2,000             Neenah Community Scholarship

Lesly Sebora                           $500                Larry Camber Memorial Scholarship

Kaymi Soderberg                    $1,500             Jean Kessler Neenah Girls Basketball Scholarship

Jackson Spilski                       $1,000             Frank X Technical College Scholarship

$500                Louis Kort Memorial Scholarship

Max Stern                               $500                Coolidge Elementary PTO Scholarship

$1,000             Okundaye Family Schlp. For Civics, Literature & the Arts

$1,000             Senior Class Scholarship

Elias Strasman                       $1,000             Ann M. Martin Memorial Scholarship

$500                Nick Dohr Memorial Scholarship

Emmalee VanSambeek         $1,000             Amiee Charlier Memorial Softball Scholarship

$1,000             Ann L. Dobbins Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Sofia Weaver                          $1,000             Laura Jane & Harley Loker Scholarship

Matthew Whitmer                    $1,000             Josh Carter State Farm Scholarship

Lauren Wilharm                      $1,000             Pat Moriarty Memorial Scholarship

Abigail Wise                            $1,000             Frank X College Scholarship

The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation manages over 50 funds for the Neenah Joint School District, including scholarship, designated and special project funds.

You can support any of these funds with gifts online at or send checks to the Foundation at 230 Ohio St., Suite 100, Oshkosh, WI 54902. For more information about scholarships, go to

The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization created by and for the people of Winnebago County, Waushara County, Green Lake County and Ripon. Through charitable giving, the Community Foundation strives to make our communities thrive. For more information, please call 920-426-3993.

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