Winneconne Foundation Awards Students $31,740 in Scholarships

The Winneconne Area Community Foundation has awarded a total of $31,750 in scholarships to 34 Winneconne High School graduates.

Students received scholarships May 11 during the presentation ceremony. A community-based volunteer committee chose the following recipients based on outstanding work in the classroom, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement:

Student                                  Amount                      Scholarship

Jacob Bartelt                         $500                           D.H. McDonald Family Scholarship

Jordan Biesinger                 $1,000                        Berndt Brothers Family & Friends Schlp.

$500                           Rose Coughlin Scholarship

Ellie Collins                           $500                           Don Hale Scholarship

$200                           Lillian Mae Muiller Scholarship

$200                           Winneconne Community Schools Schlp.

Madeline Dodd                     $1,000                        Bill & Bernice DiVall Scholarship

$500                           Gene Giddings Scholarship

Cassandra Duehring           $1,000                        Delbert E. Greenman Scholarship

$300                           Edna Palecek Scholarship

Cody Duel                             $500                           Gerald H. Mugerauer Memorial Schlp.

$500                           Larsen-Winchester Lions Club Sch. Trade

$1,000                        Winneconne Roadrunners Scholarship

Josiah Ernst                          $500                           George and Julie Sorrells Scholarship

Melia Glubka                        $2,000                        Delbert E. Greenman Scholarship

$200                           Bill & Edith Hinz Memorial Scholarship

Marlayna Gonnering           $1,000                        Berndt Brothers Family & Friends Schlp.

Aubrie Halder                       $1,500                        Larsen-Winchester Lions Club Mem. Schlp

$500                           Dr. Michael & Paulette Olsen Lewis Schlp.

Katyana Hottmann               $200                           Winneconne Community Schools Schlp.

Abby Jennerman                 $250                           Big Bucks Bass, Cali Boucher for Juvenile Diabetes

Alexa Lang                            $1,000                        Dr. Michael & Paulette Olsen Lewis Schlp.

Mason Luce                          $500                           Pfaendtner Family Scholarship

Caleb Meunier                      $200                           Winneconne Community Schools Schlp.

$500                           Winneconne Wrestling Scholarship

Kaelyn McHugh                   $1,000                        Winneconne Area Education Fund Schlp.

Madelyn McHugh                $500                           Harvey J. & Catherine M. Rengstorf Schlp.

Lydia Moffitt                          $1,000                        Dr. Michael & Paulette Olsen Lewis Schlp.

Kristen Patterson                 $1,000                        Delbert E. Greenman Scholarship

$500                           Robert Jacque Memorial Scholarship

$450                           Gordan Leistikow Scholarship

Amy Rahn                             $1,000                        Jack V. Perry Scholarship

Collin Ryan                           $150                           Mary Roherty Scholarship

Hannah Stahmann              $1,000                        Berndt Brothers Family & Friends Schlp.

Wyatt Thorpe                        $1,500                        Dr. Michael & Paulette Olsen Lewis Schlp.

Stephanie Tlachac              $500                           Dennis & Barb Biggar Family Scholarship

Dawson VanHandel            $500                           Marilyn Henze Scholarship

Francesca Verich                 $1,000                        Lola A. White Scholarship

Jordyn Verkuilen                  $500                           Callin Gartman Scholarship

Hunter Ward                         $500                           Suzanne Schmoker Sutherland Schlp.

$300                           James Coughlin Scholarship

Ashley Wisnefske                $500                           Ruth Schneider Mott Memorial Schlp.

Alex Woods                           $2,000                        Joseph Stage Educational Opportunity Sch

Abbigail Zeller                      $500                           George and Julie Sorrells Scholarship

Maria Zillges                         $500                           Emil & Doris Lenz Scholarship

$300                           Allenville Grange Scholarship

Total Scholarships            $31,750                     

The Winneconne Area Community Foundation, with more than 70 funds and over $2.7 million in endowed assets, was founded in 2013 to serve the residents of Winneconne and the surrounding area as a charitable giving partner benefitting charitable organizations that serve residents of the Winneconne Community School District, which includes Larsen, Winchester, Poygan and Butte des Morts. The Foundation is an affiliate of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our donors enjoy maximum tax benefits. For more information, please call 920-426-3993.­­­­­­­­­ For more information about scholarships, go to

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